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Synventive Hot Runner Systems Offer Molders Greater Process Control
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Synventive Molding Solutions will display its latest advanced flow control hot runner systems in Booth 4080 at Plastec West. The SynFlow, eGate and Dynamic Feed systems are designed to give molders more control over the molding process to produce parts with higher-quality surface finishes. This additional control is achieved by using position, pressure and temperature sensors within the hot runner and mold cavity to measure the conditions of the plastic and precisely control the position of the valve pins during injection and pack.

SynFlow is a two-speed pin control technology for cascade or sequential valve-gated hot runner systems. The initial opening speed of the valve pin is reduced to prevent an explosive rush of pressurized plastic. The valve pin then opens for the remainder of its stroke at maximum speed for uninhibited filling of the part. According to the company, this two-speed process enables a smoother fill, reducing hesitations and sharp velocity changes, and resulting in cleaner parts with excellent surface quality and improved process efficiency.

The electronically controlled eGate system can regulate as many as 64 valves individually, precisely controlling each valve pin’s position, speed, acceleration and stroke. It is particularly beneficial for injection molding that requires multi-shot/multi-material applications, for sequential/cascading molding and to achieve premium cosmetic surfaces, Synventive says. It is well-suited for molding applications with electric molding machines, clean room environments, optical parts and more.

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China mould and die makers,China mould supplier,mould and die makers,mould supplier