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Molding 2014:Technologies for business success in changing global market
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Molding 2014, the 24th International Conference & Exhibit (March 2-5; Hyatt Regency, Newport Beach, CA), is a unique event organized by a volunteer committee of all branches of the industry - molders, moldmakers, materials suppliers and the trade press. The conference will focus on important innovations in manufacturing technologies of consumers and industrial products. Industry leaders will present the latest developments in various injection molding processes, hardware and controls with special emphasis on adding value to your business. These conferences are widely recognized as the most important forum for technical information and business connections. 

Agenda Overview

LSR Molding: Nine presentations, the first being a basic technology overview, touching on common and special technologies. This is followed by presentations on novel material curing to reduce cycle times 20-50 percent, dosing system comparisons and specifications, and exploration of cavity sensors in LSR. Also presented are considerations for two-component molding with LSR, trends in self-lubricating LSR and its specifications, advances in micro-molding of precision parts, and use of expansion molding, closing with real world simulation results to demonstrate thermal effects and factors to affect curing.

Medical and Electronic Molding:  Three presentations, ranging from challenges and opportunities for clean room molding, concerns with overmolding of RFID tags and antennas, and global trends in the medical device contract manufacturing area to include ACA considerations, projections on performance of various segments globally, and projections for business opportunities to include M&A.

Adding Value/Automation: These five presentations start with ROI considerations throughout the process from pellet to application, then a presentation on the latest developments in multi-component molding and in-mold assembly in stack molds, a presentation of case studies to improve production efficiency using active color change technology, examples of hot runner systems and considerations for energy savings, and closing with a presentation on reverse 3D printing technology to generate point cloud data for comparison to intended design, getting your product to market faster.

Emerging Molding Technologies: Seven presentations bracket a visit to the Arburg Technical Center. The first portion of the presentations covers advanced traceability using molding machine software and controls, presentation of a unique new hybrid machine platform, and flow front control methods to optimize processes. 

After that, the conference will break for the afternoon to take a trip to the Arburg Techical Center in Irvine. 

The final morning covers presentations on fourth generation LSR benefits and case studies with simulation modeling, presentations on various highly engineered machine nozzles and their effects and improvements, presentation of advances in process control technology from inside the mold to aid quality control, and closes with a presentation of 3D printing developments that will impact molders due to materials, processes, and business models.

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China mould and die makers,China mould supplier,mould and die makers,mould supplier