auto 1


Auto parts industry is the foundation and an important part for development of automotive industry. There are about 30,000 parts in the whole vehicle and it can be divided into automotive engine system parts, automotive body system parts, chassis system parts, electrical and electronic equipment and general-purpose parts according to the functions…

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iphone 8plus mold


Consumer electronics refers to audio and video products for personal and home related broadcast and television, while electronics mould including: TV mould, DVD player (VCD, SVCD, DVD) mould, video recorder mould, camcorder mould, radio mould, tape recorder mould, and stereos mould , record player mould, CD player (CD) mould etc.

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medical 02


The appearance requirements of medical mould are relatively high. In addition to the absence of epitome, air trap, and pull, the degree of smoothness must be very high. How to make a mirror effect for mould? Polishing is needed to achieve this effect. Mold polishing has two purposes…

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Home Appliance

Molding is not a part and also different from tool. Mold is a set of parts assembly equipment. Modern manufacturing not only requires high precision and long life of molding, but also requires mould to have a clever structural design, a forming mechanism with reasonable research, good performance and efficient manufacturing performance…

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plastic mouldings


A combined plastic mould for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and low foam molding, which mainly comprises a variable concave die and a variable convex die. While concave die composed of a concave die composite substrate, a die module, a die combined board, And Convex die composed of a punch composite substrate…

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