Automotive Mold

In a broad sense, “automotive mould” is a general term of moulds that make all the parts on a car. For example, injection mould, stamping dies, forging dies, casting wax dies, glass dies, and so on. When people talk about cars, the first thing that comes to mind is body of car. That is to say, the body is identity assembly of the car and represents image of the car. In the narrow sense, automotive molds are the general term for moulds that punch all the stampings on the car body. That is automotive body stamping die such as top cover flange mould and beam reinforcement plate press mold.

At present, global automotive mold industry presents nine development trends: imitation of stamping forming process (CAE) become more prominent, three-dimensional planning position of the mold is stabilized, digital mold skills have become mainstream, automation of mold processing is developing rapidly, high strength steel stamping skills are future development direction, new mould products will be launched, mold materials and appearance processing skills will be reused, scientific handling and information processing are development directions of mold companies, and refined manufacturing of molds is an inevitable trend.