Project Description

Beer Crate Mould

Item name: Beer Crate Mould
Material: PP/PE
Size #
OEM/ODM Service #
Lead time: 25-55days after deposit
Packing Details: wooden box
Payment & Shipping Terms Payment terms :T/T(30% deposit, 70% before shipment)
Shipping Port: guangzhou/shenzhen

The beer crate material is PP and shrinkage rate is 1.5%.

Because the structure of beer Crate is more complicated, we adopts beryllium copper insert to shorten the cooling time and pulling structure is used during the injection. Since the beer box is cosmetic part, the deformation of the beer crate plastic parts is required to be small to achieve a convenient mold assembly. There should be no gates or ejection pin trail on the surface of the plastic part.

Beer crate mold walls require core pulling and use Ha barking structure in the Four sides. In the production, sometimes the haw wedge is too tight, as well as the beer crate remain in the unclassified part line and difficult to demoulding. To solves this problem, we made the Ha barking with the pulling hook move out at the same time.