There are many injection mould for home appliance, such as fan mould, computer mould, air conditioner mould, refrigerator mould, power switch shell mould, stereo mould, plastic cup mould. Of course, there are also some higher-end products. All products of home appliance need to be finished by injection molding. With development of industry, application of home appliance molds is becoming more and more extensive, performance and quality requirements of home appliance molds are getting higher and production technology is continuously improving. It is the first and core technologies in the process of home appliance molds to design and draw structure diagrams and parts drawings of home appliance molds, clear design requirements and manufacturing technical conditions.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, home appliance processing and manufacturing industry has entered an era of low profit. Gradual regulation of consumer market, growing maturity of consumer awareness, shortage of energy and raw material supply, continuous price increase has worsen for home appliance companies. In order to survive and develop, home appliance companies are paying more and more attention to intrinsic quality of products, constantly proposing higher pursuit goals, and constantly looking for newer competitive hotspots. This will provide an indispensable growth space for home appliance mould market.