Mold design 1


Utilizing the latest CAD / CAM / CAE, ProEngineer and Solidworks UG design software, Hafo Mould provide customers with the best solution to greatly shorten mold development cycle. We are known for providing customers with the highest quality mold design and production model. Innovative design solutions for molds help us stay at the forefront of mold design and engineering, bring lasting benefits to our customers.

mold making

Mold making

Hafo Mould is very proud of our staff. Professional mold makers mean quality can be controlled in every detail. Their knowledge and experience in the industry is unparalleled in today’s workforce. Our professional mechanics are fully qualified to operate high-tech machinery and speed up our production process. Constant foreign exchange and internal training programs have continuously improved skills of workers. It truly blends traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology in the mold making process.

injection moldling 1

Injection molding

Whether you are looking for a one-time sample or a long-term partner, Hafo Mould has the experience and equipment to serve you from mold making to production operations. Once project started, special project manager will be appointed as the head of every project from engineering, mold making to injection molding, production to ensure smooth production.

Production molding
Hafo Mould offers a full range of production moldings for short or long term needs. We are flexible and agile to maintain the highest levels of customer service, performance, quality and safety. We are professional at Insert molding, thermoset injection molding and small batch processing.

Mold Sampling
At Hafo Mould, we are equipped with a range of 50 to 530 tons of injection molding machines and 90T-3300T tons of 2K injection machines.



The dust-free assembly workshop guarantees that each finished product is perfect; Strict production product quality supervision system, assembly workshop set up a special supervision team to supervise and manage product assembly process. Give the product to us and leave your heart to yourself.