TPU injection molding note

TPU injection molding note TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) plastic injection molding process has many methods, including injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, extrusion molding, etc., among which the most commonly [...]

How to make a car front bumper mold

The front bumper is one of the most important appearance parts of a car. It should not only have enough strength and rigidity, but also play a buffering role when [...]

10 injection molding machine fault solutions

During the injection molding production process, due to various failures, the injection molding machine caused abnormal production. Based on 20 years of production experience, Haifu Mould provides solutions to some [...]

11 examples of common problems in injection molding

In the process of product injection molding production, many problems will occur. Based on 20 years of production experience, Haifu Mould summarizes some problems and solutions. I hope it will [...]

6 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is an extremely versatile method of producing plastic parts and has multiple advantages over other methods of plastic molding. Not only is the process simpler and more reliable [...]

PA (Nylon) Injection Molding

Information about PA (Nylon) Injection Molding Characteristic: Nylon has tenacious and wearable, self-lubricious and smooth characteristic with non-toxic and antibiosis and high water absorbability. In addition, its tensile strength and [...]

Plastic mold polishing

There are normally two ways to do plastic mold polishing: 1. Do it in-house. When we do the mold polishing in-house we could keep the time control.  And will be easy [...]