Notes and application of PA66+GF injection molding

By adding glass fiber, nylon flexibilizer, etc, the mechanical properties of blend materials results show that with the increase of the glass fiber content, the material of a dramatic increase in tensile strength, bending strength, impact strength is stronger, toughening agents to join, the toughness of the material greatly improved, adding 30% ~ 35% glass fiber, 8% ~ 12% of toughening agent, the comprehensive mechanics performance of the material is the best. The following haifu for everyone to elaborate the attention of the molding process and application fields.

PA66+GF molding process notes:

1. The molding process of glass fiber is roughly the same as that before reinforcement, but the flow is worse than before reinforcement, so the injection pressure and injection speed should be appropriately increased, and the temperature of injection molding machine barrel should be increased by 10-40℃.

2. In the process of injection molding, the glass fiber will be oriented along the flow direction, resulting in the enhancement of mechanical properties and shrinkage in the orientation direction, resulting in product deformation and warping. Therefore, when the mold is designed, the location and shape of the sprue should be reasonable.

3. In addition, the larger the proportion of glass fiber, the greater the wear of plastic components of the injection molding machine, it is best to use bimetal screw, cylinder.

Application fields of PA66+GF:

Compared with the pure PA66, the mechanical performance of PA66+GF is greatly improved, which makes PA66+GF more widely applied in the automotive industry, such as cylinder head cover, engine seat and total cover, door handle, lock system, wheel decoration, automobile lock handle, ashtray, switch, etc.

The thermal deformation temperature of A66+GF increased from 70℃ to above 220℃, and the aging resistance was significantly improved. Can be safely used in the automotive, mechanical, chemical and other fields, the manufacture of heat-resistant structure components, such as automotive pressure regulating tank, air intake manifold, throttle body radiator tank, fan blade cover and other components.

The shrinkage rate of PA66 filled with glass fiber decreased from 1.5%~1.8% to 0.2%~0.3%, which makes nylon 66 products smooth without warping and more stable in size. It is widely used in gear, coil skeleton and other precision parts.

The corrosion resistance of PA66+GF has also been significantly improved, which can meet the service requirements of automobile radiator groove, middle part of radiator bracket, water inlet pipe fitting, oil pan, filling tank, oil level, automobile water chamber, etc. Compared with the pure PA66, the glass fiber enhances the PA66, and the mechanical strength, rigidity, heat resistance, creep resistance and fatigue resistance are greatly improved.

As mentioned above, PA66+GF has high strength, good heat resistance, electrical performance, abrasion resistance, high impact resistance, as well as advantages such as simple processing method, low production cost, high efficiency, economic and environmental protection. It has expanded the application space of nylon 66 products in automobiles, electronic appliances, and also widely used in high-end application fields such as mechanical components, shields, fan blades, automotive cooling water tanks, gears, coil frames, roller belt covers, chain guides, window insulation profiles and so on.