During the injection molding production process, due to various failures, the injection molding machine caused abnormal production. Based on 20 years of production experience, Haifu Mould provides solutions to some common problems.

1.Why a 100 ton hydraulic crankshaft injection molding machine has been in use for three years, and often cannot be opened after the mold is locked?

It is because the crankshaft of the machine is worn and the mold opening is unbalanced, so after the mold is locked, it will often fail to open.

2.Why a 7 oz machine has been used for two years, and the injection is unstable, one plastic moulding has burrs, and one plastic moulding has dissatisfaction with plastic. After changing the oil seal and rubber dispensing head, the system pressure is stable, but the problem cannot be solved?

Due to the screw wear or damage, the return material is uneven, so the injection glue will be unstable.

3.Why a 150 ton injection molding machine injection PP regrind material, the fastest melt time is 3 seconds, but now it takes 6 seconds?

Slow return due to screw wear

4.Why does the product resin lack at the corner of the parts when injection molding and debugging the product, increasing some speed or pressure, and the product remains unchanged, and then continues to increase the speed or pressure, the product appears burr?

Wear of the clamping mechanism of the injection molding machine causes gaps in the clamping, so burrs will appear.

5.Why an injection molding machine has been used for two years, the temperature of the middle part of the barrel is too high during injection production, and it is not resolved when the power is turned off here?

Because the screw wear becomes rough, the friction generates heat during injection production, which makes the middle temperature of the barrel higher.

6.Why does the oil seal of the injection molding machine leak frequently, and the replacement of the new oil seal does not solve the problem?

It is because the oil temperature is too high, which causes the oil seal to deteriorate and cause oil leakage, or the oil cylinder core is damaged and the oil seal is scratched, resulting in oil leakage.

7.Why the production cycle is getting longer and longer in injection molding production?

Reason:The main reason is that the cooling time is prolonged, or the screw is worn, which leads to longer material return time.

Solution:Improve mold cooling effect and shorten cooling time. Replace worn screws to speed up the return time.

8.Why does it make a screaming sound when injection molding production of melt glue?

Reason:Caused by friction between screw and material, or friction between screw and barrel

Solution:Polish or screw the screw. Adjust the center distance of the screw to prevent friction between the screw and the barrel.

9.Why the injection molding machine Tie bar was broken?

Reason:Caused by imbalance in mode clamping

Solution:Pay attention to the balance of the installation mold during injection production

10.Why is the crankshaft of the injection machine worn?

Caused by a problem with the crankshaft lubricant of the injection molding machine