When you buy an item, you mainly look at quality and price. Main reason is to see if quality is worth price, price of item is worth price, then which kind of factors that affects price of custom plastic injection molding? Today let’s talk some issues about custom plastic injection molding:

First, cost of injection mold making

This part is primary component of price for custom plastic injection molding and is primary factor affecting prices. Same pair of rapid injection molding are made in different companies. Although elements included in the price are common, costs are different. This is primarily due to many factors such as degree of automation of machining, share of manual operations, and rationality of production route. Of course, method is different, and precision of rapid injection molding making is different. With continuous advancement of product quality, requirements for level and precision of rapid injection molding are increasing, forcing plastic molding company to be equipped with high-precision machine tools, replacing manual operations with mechanical processing and electrical processing. Decline of production cost depends on reasonable process planning, correct processing flow and high standard parts utilization. At the same time, how to reduce number of trials and test cost is also an important part of decline in production costs.

Second, delivery time of custom plastic injection molding

Lead time of custom plastic injection molding is one of the important conditions for early launch of product. Therefore, injection molding cycle has a direct relationship with sales price of injection molds. The shorter the supply time, the higher the price of custom plastic injection molding, which will force professional plastic molding company to advance professional level, shorten production cycle, update equipment and improve processing methods by various methods. Therefore, phenomenon that price of custom plastic injection molding brought up by shortened delivery cycle will become more and more outstanding, and become an important part of evaluation of injection molds.

Reduction in the manufacturing cost of custom plastic injection molding depends on reasonable plastic mold design, perfect processing technology and standard parts utilization and serialization of plastic mold parts. At the same time, how to reduce number of test molds and cost of test molds is also a means to reduce cost of plastic mold manufacturing. Cad/cam/cae is used in plastic mold manufacturing industry, which greatly reduces number of test dies and improves success rate of test dies. Equipment renewal, improved processing methods, and improved time efficiency will also become important targets for plastic molding company.

Third, situation of mall

New product to Send to mall, matching injection mold planning, basic structure or cavity shape should be distinguished by a “new” word, so its price should also advance relatively. Price of this custom plastic injection molding is undoubtedly in line with economic law of shopping mall. It has made injection molding single-piece and creative production features economically recognized.

Fourth, skill content

Custom plastic injection moldings are skill-intensive products that must contain highly skilled ingredients. In foreign countries, rapid injection moldings are selling skills, so price is very expensive. In China’s injection mold mall, added value of skills is extremely low. The more difficult the injection mold, the higher the added value of skill, and the higher the share of high-skilled component in price (about 10%-30% or higher). Skill value of injection mold is calculated as an important part in price to reflect skill value of high-skilled and high-precision custom plastic injection molding, which will directly affect development of injection mold making enterprise, advancement of skills and competition of mall.

Fifth, life of custom plastic injection molding

New products are constantly being updated, and lifespan of products determines planned life of injection mold. Therefore, it is not the longer the life of injection mold, the better, and excess of life value is a kind of dross. Price of custom plastic injection molding is directly related to expected life. China’s injection mold standards clearly stipulate that average life expectancy of large and medium-sized injection molds is 100,000 times, and number of small and medium-sized injection molds is 150,000 to 200,000 times. In the case of ensuring same accuracy, life requirement is not high, and cost of production can be reduced, which is a kind of saving for both supply and demand sides.