Plastic moulding account for a very high market share. Many items in our lives have also been replaced by plastic products. With rapid development of 21st century, humans prefer to live conveniently and quickly. Emergence of plastic moulding has greatly facilitated our lives. Plastic moulding processing method is still very complicated, not as simple as we think.

In process of producing products, dent is the most frequent occurrence of undesirable phenomena, and we should completely avoid difference in thickness of designed product. Ribs that are prone to dents should be as short as possible. Shortage of material is generally determined by shape of mold and fluidity of material. Thickness of design should be avoided. Add a gate to thick part of product. Understand use of product to use a material with good fluidity if appropriate.

It is well known that metal materials used in mold involve many types, and requirements and selection principles of materials are different due to different functions of various parts in the mold. Therefore, how to choose mold material reasonably becomes one of the most important tasks in mold design. When selecting mold material, characteristics of material to be processed and production requirements must be fully considered to meet stability requirements in addition to high strength, high wear resistance and appropriate toughness of material.

Of course, due to large number of mould manufacturer in china in the market, technical standards of each manufacturer are different. Consumers will not be able to use product for a very short period of time after purchase. It will leave a shadow to consumers and bring negative effects to industry. Therefore, it is very important to ensure quality while expanding market competition .

Pvc molds are divided into three categories of pipe fittings, sports, household and daily necessities, and it will be used in many places in each category. Compared with traditional plastic moulding, pvc molds have better quality and wear resistance. There are many innovative technologies involved, which is why it is widely used in the market. Main purpose of pvc molds is introduced today, please see below.

  • Sports, medical products: Plastic moulding such as treadmill mold, exercise bike mold, foot massager mold, massage hammer mold, foot bath mold, pants belt mold, scooter mold, trampoline mold, leg machine mold, B machine mold, color machine molds, heart care molds, monitor molds, medical equipment molds;
  • Pipe fittings: ppr PVC pipe fittings plastic moulding, flexible pipe fittings, three-way pipe fittings, four-way pipe fittings, five-way pipe fittings, multi-pass fittings, bridge moulds, pipe joint moulds, pipe fittings plastic moulds;
  • Home appliance mould: plastic table mould, turnover box mold, storage box mold, folding stool mold, garbage cylinder mold, toilet mold, toilet lid mold, tray mold, food box mold, storage box mold, plastic tray mold, Fruit plate mold, helmet mold, cap mold, plastic packaging box mold, paint bucket, plastic basket mould, turnover box mold, fruit box mold, meter box mold, plastic table mould, plastic cup mold, plastic pallet mould, mop mold, western medicine bottle mold, transparent cup mold, transparent beer barrel mold, acrylic product mold, kitchen plastic products mold, hanger mold, cool clothes clip and other injection molds.

Daily necessities plastic moulding are mainly used for plastic products in home environment. It is characterized by simple mold structure, low requirements for plastic moulding, relatively low difficulty in developing plastic moulding, low mold profit. A feature of daily necessities molds is timeliness. Generally speaking, it is relatively strong. What is timeliness means that it is effective in a specific environment at a specific time. It is very sensitive to time of product. Timeliness of commodity mold is strong, mainly related to its other characteristics. Because commodity mold is simple, mold development cycle is generally very short. For some small daily necessities, mold time is usually only 20 days, even time of large-scale daily necessities plastic moulding will not exceed 60 days. Therefore, production cycle is very favorable for time control of daily necessities mold. For plastic daily necessities, development and production of molds, we must pay great attention to its timeliness to avoid scrapping of plastic moulding development.

Supply and demand of pvc plastic moulding market is also very large. There are many mould manufacturer in china generally. And because of large market space, there are many development opportunities, and competitors are also very large, because market does not have standardized management, of which quality become a final concern for consumers.