New medicine is one of seven strategic emerging industries. Research and development of high-tech advanced medical plastic molding equipment is an indispensable part of new pharmaceutical research and development industry chain. Plastic medical products are inseparable from medical molding equipment from large diagnostic instruments, disposable medical supplies, and fine artificial organs. China’s medical plastics molding equipment lags far behind international counterparts, especially in high-end technology field, which is still in low-level stage of research and development, which seriously hinders development of micro-precision plastic medical products. Plastic medical products with high added value of technology are not imported or monopolized by imported foreign high-end molding equipment. Domestic medical device molding equipment can only be used for molding of plastic medical products in middle and low-end fields with low added value and low technical content. Efforts to develop high-quality medical plastic molding equipment has become a top priority.

Medical molding equipment for plastic medical products

Medical molding equipment means that plastic injection molding of plastic raw materials is carried out by injection mechanism. Molten plastic enters molding mechanism under high pressure injection to become a product. Molding mechanism has various types according to needs of plastic molded parts, and molding mold also has different Structure and mode.

Plastic medical products precision injection equipment

Plastic medical products continue to shift towards miniaturization and versatility. Expansion of application of plastic medical products such as organs, surgery and testing, and rapid development of miniaturized and sophisticated medical plastic products will definitely reduce medical costs of patients. Complex integrated medical devices, such as inhalers, insulin pens, etc., are assembled from a number of sophisticated components capable of performing specific functions (such as storage, atomization, and metering). Precision of fit and force between plastic structural members are very high. Precision medical catheter accessories are manufactured using precision injection molding methods. Promoted development and application of medical precision injection molding machines. Precision injection molding machines are vacant in China.

Plastic medical products miniature precision injection equipment

Micro-precision injection molding machines are vacant in China. Micro-precision injection processing is used to produce miniature articles with overall dimensions, functional characteristics, or tolerances ranging from a few micrograms to a fraction of a milligram in millimeters or even micrometers. For example, pipette is a very small and very precise product with very high precision. Size of tip should be kept very correct. This can not be done by ordinary injection molding, but must be done with micro-precision machining technology. Miniature features of molded articles require special molding machinery and auxiliary equipment to perform various production operations. Such as: injection volume control, mold emptying (vacuum), injection, product ejection, inspection, separation, handling, storage, positioning and packaging. Special processing is also required for machining of mold inserts and cavities. If wall thickness of micro-injected molded article is less than 0.5 mm, mold evacuation capability must be provided, since wall thickness is in same order of magnitude as air escaping pore size.

Plastic medical products thin wall precision injection equipment

Thin-walled precision plastic molded parts are increasingly used in medical artificial organs, and thin-walled precision injection molding equipment has become a new research hotspot for medical plastic products. High-power injection with an injection speed of 1000mm/s and an injection pressure of 300mpa is commonly used in the processing of thin-walled plastic molded parts.

Thin-wall precision forming dies have undergone major changes from construction, gating systems, cooling systems, exhaust systems, and demolding systems compared to conventional molds. Filling time of thin-wall injection molding is very short, and many filling times are less than 0.5 s. It is impossible to follow conventional speed and pressure curve in such a short time, so it is necessary to use a high-resolution microprocessor to control injection molding machine; During molding process, pressure and speed should be controlled independently at the same time. Filling process of conventional injection molding machine is controlled by speed, switching to pressure control in pressure holding stage is no longer applicable. Start-up and braking (acceleration, deceleration) performance of injection machine should be compatible with injection speed.

Functionalized plastic medical products injection molding equipment

Functional injection molding equipment refers to injection molding machines with specific processing capabilities and performance. Functional injection molding machine basically has no specific mode. According to requirements of molding process of product, existing mechanism, structure, control, carry out combined independent innovation. Injection molding of plastic human organs such as artificial heart valves and prostheses must require functional injection molding equipment.

Development of functional injection molding equipment is a highly technical project. According to performance and function of product, we conduct comprehensive research and develop injection molding equipment from raw material to processing such as gasket and seal injection molding equipment, diaphragm high speed thin wall injection molding equipment, elastomer injection molding equipment, and so on.

New technology injection molding equipment

Continuous development of plastic medical products has driven application and development of new injection molding technology. New injection molding technologies such as multi-component and in-mold assembly will certainly be applied to plastic medical products. Injection molding equipment R & D and plastic molding manufacturing enterprises should step into medical industry, research development trend of plastic medical products, and provide new technology injection molding equipment in time.

In-mold assembly injection molding equipment for plastic medical products

In-mold assembly injection molding combines individual components into a single piece in the mold, instead of assembling parts by fastening, welding or bonding outside mold, greatly reducing probability of contamination of plastic molded parts.

Equipment used for in-mold assembly is not much different from other multi-component molding equipment. Main difference is that in-mold assembly combines automated handling with subsequent maneuvering steps with a closed-loop control system that ensures process repeatability and accuracy.

High-speed pet, pp medical preform electric hybrid drive plastic injection high-performance injection molding machine

Plasticizing injection speed and cycle are directly related to product molding cycle. Innovative plasticizing injection molding machinery to improve plasticizing quality and production rate. Performance of injection plasticizing mechanism is directly related to quality of preform. Ordinary reciprocating screw plastic injection, due to inconsistent quality of front and back plasticization, resulting in inconsistent quality of preform; Since injection and plasticization can not be carried out at the same time, reducing production efficiency. Plastic injection system with extrusion compounding (plasticizing and injecting functions are divided into two parts by a conventional one, that is, servo motor drives extrusion screw to be independently plasticized and hydraulic plunger is independently injected, both of which do not interfere with each other), thereby axial temperature of pet and pp melts can be stabilized to achieve consistency of plasticizing quality, and productivity is greatly improved.

Rapid medical device molding

Rapid medical device molding is a high-tech plastic molding manufacturing technology integrating laser, material science, information and control technology. In recent years, it has been applied more and more widely in medical industry, adapting to needs of individual patients and special quick-responding artificial plastic equipment. Time taken to manufacture traditional injection mold manufacturing methods has been reduced from months to days. Because Chinese enterprises, research and development units are still relatively unfamiliar with this technology, price of rapid manufacturing systems is too high and this technology is still in application stage in China.