The Insert Molding metals and plastics are inserted into the molded part together, or multiple metals or materials are molded together into a single molding part. We sometimes call metal insert molding.

Insert Molding (moulding) is commonly used in automotive, cooking appliances, household equipment, instruments, equipment, knobs, electronic component and other industries. Insert molding not only reduces assembly and labor costs, but also is better than assembly, reducing size and part weight, Improve the reliability of parts, and improve the strength and structure of parts, enhance the design flexibility.

Why Choose China?

  1. China produces more than 90% of the world’s molding insert parts , mainly because of the low cost of labor and high quality control, but also because China can assemble all the end parts and ship them to you.
  2. We specialize in plastic mold manufacturing and plastic molding for more than 20 years. we have a strong engineering, mold manufacturing team, quality control production.
  3. Regardless of normal molding, 2k injection molding, insert molding (moulding) , medical requirements plastic moulding, or the automotive industry, we can keep your project running smoothly from start to finish.

The Process of insert moulding ( molding)

  1. The process is the same as  injection molding process, and use same injection molding machine to inject molten raw material into a plastic mold – the plastic is then solidified by cooling systems- and then the press opens and the molded parts are ejected, one difference is that before the mold is closed we need to put the metals into the mold and start all of injection molding process as injection molding,
  2. Insert molding uses the same materials like the injection molding process except the metal added into mold before mold close. For intense, same thermoplastics are used. Same mold steel, same mold structure, same injection molding machine, maybe sometimes need use vertical injection molding machine for some special case, but all are injection molding machines which is working on thermoplastics.
  3. Some injection Molding manufacturers use vertical/vertical injection molding presses that use gravity to help in the insert molding process by maintaining the insert in position during mold closing. Insert in position during mold closing.
  4. Most vertical insert molding machines have a feature that utilizes multiple bottom mould halves to be used with a single cavity half. While one bottom half is molding with the cavity half, the other bottom is available to be loaded together with the metals and other inert molding components.
  5. Since multiple Bottom halves make it possible for inserts to be placed in one bottom half while other one is in the molding step, cycle time is reduced.

How the insert molding can improve your moulding parts and solve your issues.

Insert molding can be a highly efficient alternative to the assembly of discrete parts using soldering, connectors, fasteners, or adhesives. Its benefits over such methods include:

Insert molding can be an Extremely efficient alternative to the assembly of the device, fasteners, connectors, or adhesives. To list all of the advantages there are some benefits for molding part as below:

  1. Reduce molding parts size
    Since molding parts that has metal insert molded together with plastics,
    so the part size can be designed smaller compare to assembly parts, and the part weight will be less than the assembly parts, this will reduce the material cost which means save the cost by better result.
  2. Reduced assembly and labor costs
    Because insert moulding made by a single shot but have two or more parts joint together in an ending molding parts, this reduces assembly and labor costs, only need a worker to put the insert part into the mold during the molding production, a single insert or multiple inserts can be molded in one shot, the more complex insert molding part then the more benefits with insert molding
  3. Increased reliability
    Insert molding is molded together by the plastic molding process. So every part tightly molds in thermoplastic, an insert molded component prevents part loosening, mismatch, misalignment, and other problems. The plastic resin provides improved against shock and vibration.
  4. Increased design flexibility
    As a designer should be appreciated that is a molding process with insert molding. Because have this insert molding process, the designers will e save time to think about hot to assembly the part together. Hot to fasten the metal parts and plastic part tight together. How to save the place for other components, so the process to let them design jobs more efficient.
  5. Save injection molding cost and work more efficient
    When inserts are used during the moulding stage than standard injection molding machines sometimes make it more difficult for operators to put inserts into their correct place in the mold. Like some small metal parts or multiple metal parts or some insert parts are easy to drop done the floor when put the inserts molding into the mold, for this reason, vertical injection machines are most efficient, this will save lots of time and injection molding cost.

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