Plastic molding, a short form of combined injection plastic products for compression, extrusion, injection, blow and low foam moulding.


  • Injection Mold – TV Shell, Keyboard and Button, Outside Electronic Products, Plastic Products, Toys, Household Products (Most commonly used)
  • Blowing Die – Beverage Bottle
  • Compression Mold-Bakelite Switch and Scientific Porcelain Disk
  • Transfer Mold-Integrated Circuit Products
  • Extrusion Mold – Rubber Pipe, Plastic Bag
  • Thermoforming Die – Transparent Forming Packaging Shell
  • Rotary Mold-Soft Plastic Doll Toy

Product engineers need to consider rationality of die making when designing products

In the early stage of new product development, many users only pay attention to speed of product design and development, but ignore reasonable communication with injection molded plastic manufacturers. After preliminary determination of product design plan, they should make peace with injection molded plastic manufacturers in advance:

1. Guarantee rationality of product structure in the plastic molding manufacturing, improve design scheme of the die and improve quality of product forming.

2. Injection molded plastic manufacturers can make preparations in advance, reserve buffer space, and prevent improper consideration in haste.

3. Reasonable communication between product developer and injection molded plastic manufacturers can shorten cycle of plastic molding manufacturing, reduce times of modification and test, and save unnecessary cost and waste.

Price is important, quality, cycle and service are also indispensable

1. There are many kinds of cheap plastic molding, such as injection moulds, rubber moulds and silica gel moulds. It is necessary to select different types of moulds according to different requirements of parts materials, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life and economy.

2. Because of high requirement of injection plastic products precision and plastic mold assembly, it is necessary for injection molded plastic manufacturers to select precision plastic molding manufacturing, such as slow wire walking, mirror spark machine, precision grinder and cubic element measurement.

3. Some large-scale products, thin-walled products, or special structural products, need to consider use of hot runners, and some even need advanced processes such as gas-assisted forming, nitrogen cylinder, etc.

4. Injection molded plastic manufacturers need certain hardware equipment as basis, such as CNC, EDM, WEDM, milling machine, precision grinder, etc. It can reduce obstruction in die making and improve die cycle. At the same time, it is also necessary to examine level of management cooperation, experience and technical strength of mould design and manufacture team.

5. For same set of moulds, quotations from different injection molded plastic manufacturers sometimes differ greatly. You shouldn’t pay more than cost of die, nor should you pay less than cost of die. Injection molded plastic manufacturers like you, want to make reasonable profits in business. Making a set of cheap plastic molding with a much lower quotation would be beginning of trouble. Users should start from their own requirements, comprehensive measurement.

Avoid multi-head collaboration. One injection molded plastic manufacturers works in the face shell, another injection molded plastic manufacturers works in the bottom shell, and another works in button.

1. For same product, starting point may be to shorten plastic molding manufacturing cycle of die, but there are often some plastic mold assembly problems, or assembly requirements of product are not clear enough, and some minor problems are ignored in plastic molding manufacturing process.

2. With high-quality plastic moulds and suitable injection moulding plants, development of moulds should give priority to injection molded plastic manufacturers. Mould is also temperamental, each set of new models need to be know, so that it can produce smoothly. Moreover, it will be much more convenient to modify mould for occasional minor problems in plastic molding manufacturing process.
There are many kinds of plastic molding kit, which can be roughly divided into ten categories. According to different requirements of parts material, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life, economy and so on, different types of mold forming are selected.

Moulds with high precision need to be processed by high precision CNC machine tools, material and forming process of moulds are strictly required. CAD/CAE/CAM die technology is also needed to design and analyze. Because some parts have special requirements when forming, hot runner and gas-assisted forming are also needed for mould. Injection molded plastic manufacturers should have CNC, EDM, WEDM and CNC copying milling equipment, high-precision grinder, high-precision three-coordinate measuring instrument, computer design and related software. Generally large stamping dies (such as automobile cover die) should consider whether machine tool has a blank holder mechanism, even edge lubricant, multi-functional progressive, etc. In addition to stamping tonnage, punching times, feeding devices, machine tools and die protection devices should also be considered.