After 30 years of continuous improvement and development, China’s mold industry has established a mature and complete supply chain system. Industry summarizes fields of automobiles, electronics, home appliances, medical, toys and so on. More and more foreign mold buyers and product development companies choose to outsource injection molds to China mold supplier. Haifu Mould has 20 years of experience in exporting molds. Following are seven reasons summarized by our companies about outsource injection molds to China mold supplier. I hope to bring some help to your choice.

Outsource injection molds: Fast delivery

China mold supplier can ensure that mold is processed 24 hours a day through reasonable worker deployment, which provides favorable protection for some projects with very tight delivery. Of course, short-term delivery projects will also be charged more for overtime pay of workers. Haifu Mould can also perform 24 hours of uninterrupted mold processing.

Mature supply chain system

Each set of molds involves hundreds to thousands of parts. There are mold bases, mold blanks, copper work, thimbles, springs, cylinders, hot runner systems, etc., there are dozens of processing techniques, CNC, grinder processing, milling machine processing, slow wire walking, medium wire, fast wire , material heat treatment, surface smear, mirror polishing, etc. No factory can produce all materials and parts, can carry out all processing. Therefore, a set of mature supply chain systems, delivery and quality of mold can be guaranteed. China has five million staff working in mold-related industry. Haifu Mould is located in Chang’an, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. It is the most intensive place in China’s mold industry. It call China’s mold capital. Our company has a very mature supply chain system.

Outsource injection molds: Strong design and manufacturing workers

Molds are non-standard products, so designer’s design capabilities and manufacturing productivity of manufacturing workers are critical. China has more than 1 million mature mold design and technical workers, and has a professional mold training school. Each year, more than 50,000 skilled workers will be trained to enter mold industry to ensure healthy and orderly development of mold industry. This is also not available in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. It is also an important reason why China’s mold industry will not be replaced by other countries. Haifu Mould has 20 years of experience in mold industry, and has experienced mold designers and manufacturing teams to provide customers with quality molds.

Quality equipment

Quality and precision of molds must guarante, and high-quality equipment must be available. In 30 years of reform and opening up in China, precision mold manufacturing equipment from Germany and Japan has been distributed in China mold supplier, and a number of high-quality equipment manufacturers have emerged in China. Precision and stability of processing have been comparable to those of foreign equipment. At the same time, these equipments meet needs of domestic production, but also go to foreign markets. Haifu has a variety of sophisticated equipment, such as Sodick, Haitian, Fanuc, etc.

Outsource injection molds: Reasonable price

Why is it a reasonable price? Not a low price? After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China has changed from a undeveloped country to a developing country. Development of society has led to an increase in wages and factory rents. At the same time, raw material prices are in line with international standards, so price of molds has become reasonable rather than cheap. However, compared with developed countries in Europe and America, China’s mold manufacturing prices still have this very large competitive advantage. At the same time, China’s molds divide into two major factions, namely high-precision, high-quality molds from Changan, Dongguan, Guangdong, and Zhejiang Ningbo molds with low prices and low quality requirements. However, with development of time, this method of division has gradually changed. Zhejiang has also seen many high-precision and high-quality mold factories that have been relocated from Dongguan.

Convenient transportation

China has convenient transportation conditions, including shipping, air transportation and land transportation. Many international transportation companies have established complete transportation networks in China, such as DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc. At the same time, China also has a large number of international logistics companies with high quality service, low price provides guarantee for mold to reach customer’s destination. Haifu Mould is located in Chang’an, Dongguan, and connects with Shenzhen. It takes only one hour to reach Shenzhen Customs, so transportation of mold is very convenient.

Outsource injection molds: Stability and support of government policies

First of all, prosperity of an industry is inseparable from support of government. Chinese government attaches great importance to development of industry. At the same time, it encourages Chinese enterprises to go out. Foreign companies come in and provide safe, effective legal and policy guarantees for business investment. Legitimate rights and interests of investors are guaranteed. At the same time, stability of domestic political situation provides a favorable guarantee for safe development of business. Therefore, foreign mold customers outsource molds to Chinese mold suppliers, do not need to worry about impact of political risks, and at the same time ensure legitimate rights and interests of foreign customers to supervise and manage domestic factories, and ensure orderly development of foreign trade market.

Above is a summary of reasons from our company for outsource injection molds to China mold supplier. I hope more foreign customers choose China and Haifu Mould. Thank you.