1.Product Design

Design is indispensable to make injection molding toys for children. Designer from injection molding manufacturers’ mind is soul of product, which determines function and variety of product. At the same time, rationality of internal structure must be considered at the beginning of design. Because if internal structure design is unreasonable, a series of problems will arise in production after injection molding is finished, which will eventually lead to occurrence of quality problems such as pirates, burrs and so on. This seemingly minor problem, but result in skin scratch and other adverse consequences when playing with children. It can be said that a good injection molding toys is based on design.

2.Plastic injection molding

Custom plastic injection molding is one of indispensable tools in injection moulding. Injection mold making process usually undergoes fine evaluation before opening, such as runner, water transportation and how to get out of mould, which is also content of subject of die design. Due to reasons of products, following production processes are different, but general process is: design – CNC – WEDM – EDM – milling machine – grinder – lathe – drilling machine – FIT die – saving – assembly test die. After these processes, mould is transformed from a piece of raw steel into a tool for product production and manufacturing.


Even if there are good moulds and injection molding machines, but it is impossible to produce products without good raw materials. So choice of raw materials is very critical, common raw materials are PP, PE, HIPS and so on. Ordinary people have no idea about raw materials, so I will explain a little: people often buy transparent plastic lunch boxes in supermarkets, generally using PP material, because PP material itself is environmentally friendly, so it can be made into food containers.

In addition to classification of raw materials, raw materials are also divided into domestic and imported materials. There are many kinds of domestic materials. In fact, Sinopec, as you are familiar with, also has domestic materials. Usually, we import materials from Taiwan or United States, but price of imported materials will be relatively high. At the highest time, price of imported materials will exceed 3-4 times that of domestic materials. So it’s still a matter of you get what you pay for. In addition to raw materials, color powder/color seed is also necessary for injection moulding. Its function is to “color” raw materials. They will be mixed with raw materials in proportion, and then together on the machine for plastic injection moulding. Therefore, color powder / color must also be environmentally friendly and must pass U.S. and European standards testing.

4.Injection Molding

After custom plastic injection molding is finished, of course, it can be hoisted to injection molding machine with lifting rail for production. Injection machine industry is generally classified according to tonnage. Common ones are 90T, 120T, 160T, 240T, 300T, etc. The bigger the tonnage is, the bigger the mould can be produced and the better the injection pressure is. But we should not blindly use large-tonnage machines to produce, which will not only bring risks to mould (because larger-tonnage machines will have greater clamping force, and force on machine may damage mould); moreover, it will consume more power and cost more.

Therefore, when mould is developed, it has been assessed which tonnage of machine is used for production. It is also very important to adjust machine before injection, which usually includes adjusting injection pressure, mould temperature, clamping force and so on. When everything is finished, it is necessary to check manually whether there is any defect in injection moulding components, and if there is any defect, it should be handled in time. Common disadvantages such as shrinkage, piston, etc. It is worth mentioning that, because current concept of automation has already gone deep into injection molding industry, so equipment like automatic manipulator is very common, its greatest advantage is to save labor, and can improve quality of products to a certain extent.


After all current processes have been completed, finished product assembly needs to be started. As the last process, its greatest value is to integrate all semi-finished injection moulding parts of previous process into final product, so rigor of process must be guaranteed, because once error occurs, all efforts of previous process will be wasted. In order to avoid this, we need not only skilled assembly workers and management, but also, more importantly, production engineering team must decompose standard action of each injection moulding components, make operation instructions, standardize each standard action of operators and required fixtures. Of course, standard QC inspection is necessary.

6.Product Delivery

When production and testing are completed, finished injection molding toys can be shipped. In addition to explicit quality testing, basic quality requirements (such as quantity, weight etc) are also considerations for injection molding manufacturers, often a seemingly simple problem, which requires a complete management process to achieve accurate control. Our solution is: machine + human. So-called machine is both mechanism and machine. Mechanism is the improvement of process, and depends on warehouse department’s accurate grasp of each product flow process; while machine is point-counting equipment plus user friendly ERP system, which can realize control of quantity, weight and accurate tracking of material product flow process.