Automotive Panels

For automotive panels, thinner materials and more styles can be used, and even spatial curved surfaces can be designed. Compared with traditional stamping parts, upper punching parts have higher quality characteristics, internal structural design is more complicated, and quality requirements of craft parts are also higher. Traditional calculation methods are difficult to meet requirements of existing auto body side molding. Cover forming is a complex mechanical process, including both linear and nonlinear processes. In theoretical and practical design, forming process of cover is one of difficulties in the design. In the process of panel forming simulation, influence of various parameters, required load can be obtained on the forming process can be simulated in advance, effect is more intuitive. Therefore, CAE technology is very suitable for forming injection molding automotive parts. On the one hand, it can detect and correct errors in auto body side molding, thereby improving accuracy of plastic injection mold making stage; on the other hand, it is beneficial to shorten design cycle, thereby improving market competitiveness of processing enterprise.

Car side door panels are shallow deep drawing parts whose quality will determine quality of car. Production standards for automotive side panels are smooth, clear in shape, high overall stiffness, wrinkle-free, raised and stretched. Panels are formed by drawing, that is panels are drawn using a auto door trim molding. Deep drawing is one of the most important stamping processes. When product structure is complicated, drawing process can be used, and other stamping processes cannot replace drawing process because drawing process can greatly improve production efficiency and improve strength and rigidity.

Auto Door Trim Molding

In the design of drawing die, ensure proper drawing clearance, set diameter of punch and die according to specific parameters, and use appropriate blanking force in appropriate position. Increase in the amount of bulging can gradually increase number of drawbeads. When drawing of rear side door of automobile cover is insufficient, drawing force can accelerate forming process. In order to improve quality of turning, it is necessary to pay attention to drawing direction of workpiece in order to obtain a better drawing effect. When drawing side door, depth of machining auxiliary surface should be reasonably designed to achieve the best drawing effect. Normal flow to ensure that material seamlessly butts into auto door trim molding. There are many problems with drawing of door panel, and these problems will directly affect drawing effect. Therefore, design idea is continuously improved, design error is reduced, and stamping deformation caused by design problem is avoided, and quality of material and calculation result of forming data also affect quality of mold.

At present, computer-aided technology has been widely used in various industries. Core of mechanical design process is CAE technology. This technology has many characteristics, such as: emphasis on improvement of computing power, use of professional mathematical structure. Product design operability of process parts; continuously adjust design structure when setting parameters, quickly find optimal configuration of process parts; using virtual process and simulation to achieve different results in the forming process. Uses computer software simulation to directly analyze stamping process of stamping parts, including determining punching direction, designing punching surface and setting rib. Specific analysis process is divided into following four steps:

(1) establishing surface model; in pre-three-dimensional modeling ore is shaped in the software, and then part model is transferred to simulation software, part connection and clearance are reset according to drawing type of stamping equipment, and then an effective mesh model is formed according to specified specifications. If a complete auxiliary surface is not designed, missing portion can be supplemented by software. Grid function of some computer simulation software does not meet requirements of solver. Therefore, after meshing, you first need to check quality of mesh.
(2) Define forming tool, design reference model, select appropriate model and design process, calculate corresponding data; use computer software to simulate forming process. Pre-forming auto door trim molding, gradually forming external dimensions, and obtaining grid unit model to prepare for next analysis.
(3) If metal flow is not smooth, metal wall is wrinkled, a drawbead can be set to improve stamping quality of part, that is a mathematical formula is determined. With this method, a mathematical model with higher precision can be established, and drawing process can be set according to specific parameters, but it takes time and effort. In order to improve drawing efficiency, a mathematical model with higher computational efficiency can be established and has the same constraints. NTS can be used to delay the drawing process. At present, method is more practical and widely used. This design adopts same effect rendering method and adjusts design according to obtained parameters, including how to reduce error in drawing process and determine time step in drawing process.

In order to improve drawing efficiency of mold, key parts of mold were designed and analyzed. Requirements for outer surface of auto body side molding are: no wrinkles, smooth visual effect, smooth and as simple as possible. Balance of presser foot surface is stable, and it is necessary to rationally design suspended presser foot surface and drawing direction.

After design is completed, simulation experiment is carried out. After experiment, specific mold design process is carried out, and relevant data is gradually modified in subsequent forming process. There are three kinds of auto door trim molding for side door of automobile namely: punch, die and crimping. Shape of punch determines outer dimensions of side panel of car, and then determines forming quality of die; die is drawn by rounded corners of die; R is pressed into die, and movement mode is from top to bottom, after falling to the lowest end, keep the lowest state, then move down, down to the bottom, blanks enter the mold along the corners of mold, and then quickly move closer to mold. At the end of process, punch and binder ring move up and down smoothly.

In summary, deep drawing process of automobile cover is a complicated process. Taking CAE technology as guide, the whole process of deep drawing of cover is simulated. CAE analysis of automobile cover mold changes traditional process and makes mold design keep improving. In stamping process, through many experiments, important stamping process parameters can be obtained, and automatic design of mold can be realized, thereby reducing consumption of various resources. Application of CAE technology in automotive panel design can effectively improve design efficiency and quality.